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Monday and Wednesday at 4 pm

Our Kid Tiger program is designed to teach your child not only self defense skills but important life skills.  Some things we focus on are balance, coordination, fitness, respect, self discipline, and perseverance.  We of course teach beginner Martial Arts Skills such as punching, kicking, and blocking.  The added benefit at our school is we are experts in self defense.  We pass this on early to our Tigers and teach them to avoid strangers and how to defend against grabs, bear hugs, anti bullying, and being picked up.  And we have FUN! 

Carrie Banton offers motivational words to our youngest age group

"Our son LOVES core and so do we. Not only is the price great for two hours a week but the classes are structured well and you can see your child really learning and retaining great defense skills that will help them protect themselves. Our son can get easily distracted, as most 6 years olds can, but Scott does a wonderful job keeping a large group of kids focused, all while being friendly and fun."

"My seven year old daughter has been a student at Core Martial Arts for several months and I have been so impressed. Her knowledge and skill level have advanced quickly in an environment that is fully balanced between nurturing a young athlete and teaching discipline. I would absolutely recommend this academy!"

smiling happy young students at Core MMA
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